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WebBot is a collection of open source tools that together enable building Python web applications the same way native ones are built - and running these applications on top of the leading python web frameworks (such as Django and Google's App Engine). As a result, the WebBot framework encourages reuse, concise code, rapid development, and happy developers.

Platform Independence

With WebBot you can write your apps and widgets on any framework, and when your finished freely move it to any other. This reduces vendor lock-in and increases your flexibility. Built your app on AppEngine but no longer like their pricing model? Just move your app directory onto a Django powered server and you're done.

Great Performance

We think great performance is a cornerstone to any great app and as such the tools and libraries behind WebBot are built for performance. WebBot intelligently shares work loads between the client and the server, and keeps complicated tasks (such as building the DOM for the entire page) on the server where they can be performed faster.

Rapid Development

WebBot simplifies the most common development tasks, enabling the most complicated web applications to be built with a drag and drop interface creator and pure python code. It enables developers to easily perform client-side actions based on server-side data, and makes complicated actions such as AJAX calls become second nature. You'll be amazed how quickly you build your next great app.